Carmen Malvar

Fundadora de Atelier Malvar + Tusch .Llc

Directora del Máster en Diseño del Espacio Comercial: Retail Design. 

Licenciada en Interiores por la Escuela de arte ‘Maestro Mateo School of Art and Crafts’ en España y Licenciada en Arquitectura con honores por el ‘Pratt Institute School of Architecture’. Fundadora y gerente de Atelier Malvar + Tusch .Llc en Nueva York, especializado en diseño y consultoría de marcas.

Carmen Malvar is a PhD Candidate at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK, Holds a B.S from Maestro Mateo School of Art and Crafts, Spain and a B.S in Architecture with honors from Pratt Institute School of Architecture. She is principal of Atelier Malvar+ Tusch .Llc  in New York, where she specializes as a designer and brand/commerce consultant. She is the Director of the Masters Program in Retail Design at Elisava, Barcelona school of design and engineering. She is a Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Design, Pratt Institute, USA and Professor at Brand Management Certificate at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA. Her vision of global design is broad and conscious, she widens her experience through teaching/researching in Spain, Latin America and USA about such varied topics as globalization through design, Identity in the age of globalization, international expansion strategies and trend and consumption analysis. Carmen lives and works between New York, Barcelona, Galicia and Oaxaca.