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Intangible Cultural Heritage

We aim to contribute to the Rescue of Traditional Practices associated with social uses, knowledge, practices, rituals and festive events related to adaptive processes to habitat and nature, and all those knowledge and techniques linked to traditional craftsmanship.

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC is developing the research line on Intangible Cultural Heritage through academic work (undergraduate, masters and PhD) and through a network of international researchers in the provinces of Coahuila, Puebla and Oaxaca (Mexico), in Córdoba (Colombia) and Cusco (Peru).


In all cases we are cooperating with indigenous communities and recognizing their practices and knowledge. We articulate participatory processes to promote sustainable development and community resilience of these communities, but at the same time, trying to work collaboratively to reverse the negative impact of processes such as urbanization, deforestation, mining and hydroelectric projects, among others.

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