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Joana Castellar

Ingeniero Agrónomo

Agronomist Engineer graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil. Joana has experience with soil quality indicators in natural ecosystems. During her academic training she developed a study on soil fertility gradient in “Restinga” vegetation - South coast of São Paulo - Brazil. She was voluntary on the Green Friends volunteer program, Department of the Environment São Paulo, in the State Park of Anchieta Island, which is an interdisciplinary program with an environmental focus.


She also developed a voluntary work as a researcher associated with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability during the year 2013 in Brazil. The work was with selection of indicators following the development of the doctoral thesis "Multi criteria and Participatory Approach to Socio-Economic-Environmental and Institutional Indicators for Sustainable Water Use and Management at River Basin Level ".


Currently she is member of UNESCO CHAIR ON SUSTAINABILITY and phD student in sustainability ate Polytechnic University of Catalonia. The PhD project is being developed jointly with the project LIFE Reagritech and the main focus is evaluate how is best way to apply the residual water purified in wetlands constructed to ensure agricultural productivity and lower environmental contamination.

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