Resiliencia & Climatic Change Course, in Cordoba, Argentina

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability and RECNET-RESURBE participate in the CELFI Course on Urban Resilience and Global Climate Change in Latin American Cities from April 9 to 13, 2018.

The course-workshop is oriented to a specific scenario: the Latin American city, through the selection of different cases of study and transfer.

The activity will consist of a week-long course-workshop, which will include theoretical classes and discussion workshops and practical transfers linked to the intervention strategies proposed for the study areas considered in the theme of Resilience and Global Climate Change.

Also, through the Latin American participants and the international institutions involved in the activity (Recycling City International Network RECNET, International Program on Urban Resilience RESURBE, City Resilience Profiling Program, UN-Habitat, UNESCO Chair of Sustainability, Polytechnic University of Catalonia and ADAPT Chile) is expected to communicate and transfer the results of the course-workshop in the Latin American international arena. In this way, it is proposed to contribute to the consolidation of a Latin American work network in the field of proposals for sustainable and resilient cities.

List of teachers:

 - Prof. Em. Arq. Raúl Halac, (National University of Córdoba, CELFI Sustainability and Development, Argentina)

 - Prof. Msc. Arq. Edgardo J. Venturini, (National University of Córdoba, CELFI Sustainability and Development, Argentina)

 - Dr. Jordan Michael Harris, (ADAPT, Chile)

 - Dr. Esteban León, (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

 - Dr. Jordi Morató Farreras (UNESCO Chair on Sustainability - UPC, Barcelona, ​​Spain)

 - Dr. Hugo Romero Aravena (University of Zaragoza, Spain)

 - Dr. Nicola Tollin, (RECNET, Barcelona, ​​Spain)

 - Dr. Adrian Hearn (University of Melbourne, Australia)

 - Dr. Alfredo Visintini (FCE / UNC)

 - Dr. Inés Asís (FCE / UNC)

 - Dr. Inés Noher (UNC)

 - Dr. Marcelo Scavuzzo (FAMAF / UNC)

 - Dr. Luciana Buffalo (FFyH / UNC)

 - Mgter. Pamela Cáceres (FCPRRII / UCC)

 - Dr. Ana Falú (FAUD / UNC)

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