Erika Tovar short research in the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Erika Tovar, student from the Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras, is currently developing her professional practices at the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability Chair, in the Polytechnical University of Catalonia.

The purpose of the stay is to evaluate the efficiency on the use of cork boards as thermal insulation in sea containers used as treatment wetlands.

He is currently collaborating in the European projects LIFE REAGRITECH (Regeneration and reuse of runoff and drainage water in agricultural plots from combined natural water treatment systems), and LIFE ECORKWASTE (Integrated and sustainable management of cork waste from the cork industry), related to the environmental management of groundwater contaminated by nitrates due to agricultural practices and the revaluation of cork, as a by-product of its industrialization process, as a filtering medium for water treatment and thermal insulation.

In addition, it is developing the state of the art on the revaluation of the cork byproduct, the analysis of the internal temperatures of the maritime containers (treatment wetlands) and the monitoring of the energy consumption of natural technologies for water purification.

The stay will run for 5 months, from January to May 2018.

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