New website of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! The new page is available at the URL:

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about the activities and projects of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability. The new website is interactive and provides better access to:

· About us: The team, the implementation strategy, our activities, our objectives and expected results.

· Activities: research, education, projects and technology.

· Networks: UNESCOSOST, RECNET and people.

· Tools: collaboration (Wiki, Wrike and Zoom), eSecretary & eCommerce.

· Media: news, videos and publications.

· Contact: for any comments and suggestions.

Among the new features, the site will have a space to disseminate the fair and supportive eCOMMERCE, of products from our network of associated collaborators. Also a virtual space of eSECRETARY, to facilitate interaction with all collaborators and interested parties and where all the necessary documents can be obtained to carry out research stays, agreements, among others.

Also, our social networks, Twitter and Linkedin it can be more easily accessed, to promote better communication with employees and visitors. We will constantly update our content with useful information, articles, blogs and news sections.

We hope you find the new website with a more current appearance and with easily accessible information. We want it to be our communication and collaboration channel for anyone interested in the world of sustainability as well as for all our collaborators and associates.

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