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Resilient Cities


“RESILIENT CITIES: Re-thinking Urban Transformation” is a book series edited by RECNET and published as an open series by Springer.

The RESILIENT CITIES book series aims to analyse the challenges faced by cities and provide an up-to-date body of knowledge, including a systematic collection of global cutting-edge best practices, fundamental to managing the urban transition toward resilience.

The best practices are collected and analysed following a common format, enabling the reader to understand the solutions adopted and clearly highlighting the parameters and possibilities for replication and up-scaling.


The best practices are taken from a global city base including examples around the world.


The distinctiveness of the RESILIENT CITIES book series is its international dimension, coupled with a multidisciplinary and a cross sectorial approach.

The RESILIENT CITIES book series is a unique and fundamental resource for practitioners, policy makers and scientists involved in planning and governing the transition of cities. It presents the latest and up-to-date systematized information on research, practices and policies development, defining clear means and pathways for replication and up-scaling.

First Book published in 2018 - Urban Resilience for Risk and Adaptation Governance. Theory and Practice. 

Editors: Brunetta, G., Caldarice, O., Tollin, N., Rosas-Casals, M., Morató, J. (Eds.)

Springer Resilient Cities Book Series - More Info

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