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International joint program

UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Urban adaptation to resilient futures in informal settlements

Different activities carried out or planned by the partners are an opportunity to engage participants. UNESCOSOST offers doctoral programs at UPC, and plans the insertion of the approaches and reflections from this program into curricular contents, academic activities, and implementation projects. 

The Universidad La Salle in Bogotá offers research works in the undergraduate programs of architecture and urban planning and a Master's Degree in Habitat and Territory Management. These include guided field trips with academic groups, international academic events, and an elective course on these themes open for local and international visiting scholars, when applicable (UREx IRES 2020 team is welcome to ask for the availability of these activities according to their calendar in Bogota). 


The URExSRN is currently offering an international experience for one undergraduate and three graduate students to conduct eight to ten weeks of onsite research in an urban community facing climate extremes in Bogotá, Colombia. The experience will support the collaborative research promoted jointly by the Arizona State University’s UREx SRN, UNESCOSOST and the Universidad de La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia. For further information of this call for proposals please visit the URExSRN opportunities website, and click on RULA IRES opportunity.

Explore the website of our partner institutions to follow the activities being carried out and planned, as well as their more recent announcement and opportunities for engage their innitiatives


Arizona State University

Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network

The Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) focuses on integrating social, ecological, and technical systems to devise, analyze, and support urban infrastructure decisions in the face of climatic uncertainty


La Salle

Master of Habitat and Territorial Management

The Faculty of Habitat Sciences of La Salle University and their different academic resources and programs are our main tool to work in collaboration with students, communities and public or private entities in the city of Bogotá, and surroundings, on topics such as urban design and planning, landscape design and territory management



Polytechnic University of Catalonia

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability (UNESCO-SOST) is an organization dedicated to articulate and facilitate a multi-networking collaboration between different institutions in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on knowledge and best practices transfer in sustainable human development, from local scale to the global level.

Supported by:
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Recycling the City Network
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Plattform of People Affected by Risk and Ressetlement 
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