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International joint program

UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Urban adaptation to resilient futures in informal settlements

We are interested in hearing how your interests could build on or otherwise intersect with the following axes, which we see as part of an ongoing research strategy that support community based transformation:


  • Political dynamics for governance and resilience: Through this axis, the aim is to integrate different readings on the political conflicts that underlie territorial conflicts, or that derive from these. 

  • Management of urban transformations: This axis aims to deepen the knowledge of methodological tools for territorial diagnosis, the design of inclusive processes for the transformation of urban space and the adoption of technological innovations and urban infrastructure

  • Modeling and visualization of urban transformations: Here we encourage technological innovations that help visualize different possible future spatial arrangements and scenarios for these territories.

  • Integral management of climatic risks and adaptation: This axis is about analyzing the risk management processes in the territorial work scenarios, either by comparing the discourse of risk management with the reality of these territories or by understanding how other thematic components contribute to the theory and practice of risk management and climate adaptation

Together, these axes make up a program that aims to support critical approaches to investigating the reality of urban informality, to help reveal the complexity of power relations and social exclusion in urban development, to guide adaptation in terms of social and urban design for adaptive futures in response to these challenges.

We are interested in

in hearing how your interests could build on or otherwise intersect with 4 action task axes:

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Recycling the City Network
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Plattform of People Affected by Risk and Ressetlement 
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