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International joint program

UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Urban adaptation to resilient futures in informal settlements

In the case of Bogotá specifically, UNESCOSOST intends to share successful experiences of transformation of urban spaces affected by risks in the city, and to learn first-hand from experiences carried out in other similar urban contexts. The Polytechnic University of Catalonia is committed to facilitating the transfer of knowledge and good practices in sustainable human development, through the generation of spaces for exchange, participation in international development and cooperation projects, and the promotion of academic activities and research projects.

Through the collaborative spaces promoted by URExSRN, the possibility of focusing efforts on the analysis of social conflict and its potential management through organizational and political designs for the social construction of urban space is a key priority.

The initial phase will involve the approaches of this IRES project to the incidence territories that the participating institutions and their allied organizations have in the city of Bogotá and the neighboring municipality of Soacha. Specific information about territorial scenarios will soon be released.

Altos de la Estancia

Quebrada Limas

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Río Tunjuelo

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Recycling the City Network
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Plattform of People Affected by Risk and Ressetlement 
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